About MGroup

With offices in Bucharest, Romania, Budapest, Hungary, Colombia, and Los Angeles California, M Group stands in its reputation as a multi-national firm specializing in live cam site staffing & consulting for more than 15 years.

Corporate Profile

M Groups success is based on the fact that they believe that the two most important factors in a Live Cam Sites success are the performers and the clients, and in return happy performers will give you clients that spend more money.

When asked about M Groups strongest points, Managing Director Bob Raley replied “I think that our strongest points are our integrity and our depth of experience. We have been at this so long, fixed so many things, solved so many problems, basically we just have had lots of time to figure out what works and does not work. Also since we have been at this since back in the day we know who to ask if we don’t know how to solve something.”

With their extremely knowledgeable and capable team members, their solutions are done in a fast and creative manner. If you are looking for solutions in your live cam business model contact MGroup and if they can’t help you they will find someone who can!

Live Cam Solutions

More than 15 years of experience in the live cam business